Namecheap provides great value in terms of general hosting, but you need to pay attention to the limits of startup plans. When a hosting company is called NameCheap you will be assured that it will continue to bring the price. This hosting service provides safe and reliable high performance system for only $10 per year. NameCheap’s shared hosting accounts are managed by a standard cPanel console. It’s not as easy for beginners as some custom frontenders, but experienced users will feel right at home.

NameCheap’s platform is basically Linux and its control panel is cPanel. Its top considerations are:

  •     Dynamic Caching
  •     CloudFlare Railgun
  •     SSD Hosting and
  •     Not EIG Owned

Namecheap Shared hosting plans allow you to choose between Linux and Windows. This hosting service provides three Shared Hosting Plans and one Premium Business Plan. While the super-cheap plans are not the same as a super value, Namecheap’s hosting will cost you a little less than other hosting providers.

NameCheap’s plans include:


  Value Plan and Professional Plan- These two main plans of Namecheap are all alike, with the exception of the amount of disk space and the number of websites allowed.The value plan has a great value, mostly with the initial discount. If you want to host your couple of websites then Valu Plan is suitable. In the Value Plan limited resources are based on per account instead of per website that’s why two Value Pans would be more beneficial rather than upgrade to the Professional Plan, as this gives twice the amount of resources.

Ultimate Plan- Ultimate Plan is much costly than the Value Plan and also provides unlimited SSD hard disk space and up to 50 websites. This plan also enables more resources like Ram and CPU, but only 50% more than the Value and Professional Plan. This plan is the good option for you if you have a traffic flowed site and do not want to upgrade to a VPS or cloud hosting plan.

Business SSD Plan- This hosting plan is more expensive than the other hosting plans but provides amazing features and considerably more resources. It also has double limit on competing web requests, twice the RAM, and four times the amount of CPU over the Value Plan. It also provides xCache that allows RAM caching, mostly effective in ecommerce websites and even in WordPress.

It is very important that your website offers data backups as part of hosting services. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a website but all that’s needed is a wrong step to lose all of our data. NameCheap offers twice a week backups on their basic plans and daily backups on their advanced plans. It also provides 100% uptime guarantee and also offers account credits, if they are not able to stick to their 100% uptime guarantee and that is an honest and transparent effort.

There are some limitations of using NameCheap hosting service like No Priority Support for the basic plans, no Unlimited Bandwidth and no support for Free SSL certificates.

With the right domain registrar and right hosting provider, your online success is guaranteed. Namecheap offers domain registration and hosting packages at the lowest cost along with the best customer support so that small business website owners can pay for their hosting and domain service. It is worth considering the domain registration option and hosting service with NameCheap.

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