November 2018


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Inmotion Hosting is a web hosting service that offers full plans and packages that cover the website needs. Starter to large scale e-commerce companies websites, Inmotion Hosting has every options to match. It is one of the oldest hosting companies on the market with a successful record and have always provided outstanding service for the website needs. Their advanced technology and professional customer support corporate with all hosting packages. The main categories of Inmotion Hosting web hosting consist of: Shared Hosting: This plan is suitable for small business websites, as well as blogs. This hosting plan is available in three different kinds; Launch Plan- This hosting plan’s cost starts from $4.89 per month with unlimited disk space. This offers 2 MySQL & PostgreSQL database and 2 websites on 1  account. Power Plan- This is the most popular plan and its cost starts from $6.29 per month. This plan also offers unlimited disk space, 6 websites on 1 account and 50 MySQL & PostgreSQL database. Pro Plan- This hosting plan’s cost starts from $10.49 per month with unlimited disk space. This offers unlimited MySQL & PostgreSQL [...]


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                                Namecheap provides great value in terms of general hosting, but you need to pay attention to the limits of startup plans. When a hosting company is called NameCheap you will be assured that it will continue to bring the price. This hosting service provides safe and reliable high performance system for only $10 per year. NameCheap's shared hosting accounts are managed by a standard cPanel console. It's not as easy for beginners as some custom frontenders, but experienced users will feel right at home. NameCheap’s platform is basically Linux and its control panel is cPanel. Its top considerations are:     Dynamic Caching     CloudFlare Railgun     SSD Hosting and     Not EIG Owned Namecheap Shared hosting plans allow you to choose between Linux and Windows. This hosting service provides three Shared Hosting Plans and one Premium Business Plan. While the super-cheap plans are not the same as a super value, Namecheap's hosting will cost you a little less than other hosting providers. NameCheap’s plans include:     Value Plan and Professional Plan- These [...]

Why Choose Hostgator .

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A webmaster or just a beginner the professional staff of Hostgator is always here to host your website and to provide you your desired hosting plans. Hostgator service is not difficult to use and has the best supporting customer service with no downtime. HostGator offers 3 floors with different specifications and prices. You should make a wish choice. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which package to choose, but there is no need for over-commit. You can go with the lowest possible price and can also keep in mind that you can upgrade further in the future if needed. HostGator’s plans to meet your need: -Baby Plan includes Unlimited domains, One click installs and unmetered Bandwidth which cost starts at $5.94 per month. -Hatchling plan includes 1 domain, One click installs and also unmetered Bandwidth which cost starts at $3.95 per month. -Business plan includes Unlimited domains, One click installs and unmetered Bandwidth, Private SSL & IP and Free VoIP Phone service which cost starts at $5.95 per month. This plan also includes free upgrade service. The most popular Hostgator’s plan is its Baby [...]

What is Web Hosting

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Each website needs a place on the Internet to make content accessible to others and web hosting offers this service. Each site must have a host. The website hosting offers the service that your visitors can see and access when they enter that particular URL or domain in your browser. Each site and its contents are stored on a server that remains connected to the Internet. The web hosting service displays the website of the owner on the Internet. The web hosting providers need a domain to host the website, but if someone does not have the domain of their websites, the hosting company will help buy one. Changes to the content of the website are uploaded to your hosting company. All types of websites on the internet should definitely have a domain address and web hosting. Web hosting by Wikipedia: “A web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to access their website through the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that have space on a server owned or rented for the use of customers, [...]