Why Choose Hostgator .

//Why Choose Hostgator .

Why Choose Hostgator .

A webmaster or just a beginner the professional staff of Hostgator is always here to host your website and to provide you your desired hosting plans. Hostgator service is not difficult to use and has the best supporting customer service with no downtime.

HostGator offers 3 floors with different specifications and prices. You should make a wish choice. Sometimes it is difficult to decide which package to choose, but there is no need for over-commit. You can go with the lowest possible price and can also keep in mind that you can upgrade further in the future if needed.

HostGator’s plans to meet your need:

Baby Plan includes Unlimited domains, One click installs and unmetered Bandwidth which cost starts at $5.94 per month.

Hatchling plan includes 1 domain, One click installs and also unmetered Bandwidth which cost starts at $3.95 per month.

Business plan includes Unlimited domains, One click installs and unmetered Bandwidth, Private SSL & IP and Free VoIP Phone service which cost starts at $5.95 per month. This plan also includes free upgrade service.

The most popular Hostgator’s plan is its Baby Plan, which allows you to run multiple websites. This hosting plan is highly referred because it allows hosting unlimited websites under the same account.

But if this is your first online crossing, then the Hatchling Plan is enough. This hosting service hosts only one site with it. With the domain names that are so cheap today, you will have a high probability of having more than one domain. That’s why a domain for accounts is really limited!

If the baby plan is not sufficient for you then you should consider using Business Plan. This hosting plan gives;


   A toll free number

  Anonymous FTP access

  IP Address and Private SSL Certificate and

  Free Upgrade option.

Thus degradation is not free. If you want to go to a cheaper plan, you will need to pay a $10 transformation fee to avoid repeated upgrades/downgrades. It may also be the reason for you to start from the traditional Hatchling Plan and upgrade to the Baby Plan at a later time when you want to host your second domain.

HostGator is very user friendly because it provides Anti-Malware, Backups and Storage service. It’s hosting support is good and it is available via phone, email and live chat. The live chat option is sensitive and fast, making it a rather painless experience.

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